Daily Fruit and Vegetable Supplement

Are you interested to consume the daily fruit and vegetable supplement? Fruits and vegetables are undeniably very important to be consumed. Despite containing the vitamin and mineral that are needed so much by our body, there are some other kinds of nutrition that must be in each fruit and vegetable. Do you know that fruits and vegetables have protein and carbohydrate as well? Even some fruits like avocado contain fat. However, the fat contained in fruit is classified as vegetable fat that is healthy and friendly for our body. The cholesterol is almost zero and it is effective as the source of energy. Based on that fact, you should not be surprised if you may feel full after eating certain types of fruits and vegetables.

The problem is probably happening if you don’t like fruits and vegetables at all. It can be because you don’t like the taste that is considered not delicious. It can also be about the texture of certain of fruits that probably look “scary”. If you are one of them, consuming daily fruit and vegetable supplement can be a good alternative. The supplement is basically made from the real fruits and vegetables that have been extracted and processed to be a powder. It is then being packaged inside capsules to make you find them easier to consume. There are many people who are still doubtful about the merit of such a supplement. The fruit and vegetable supplements benefits are actually just the same with the real fruits and vegetables. Indeed, the amount of nutrition is actually lessened a bit due to the processing. However, it will not lessen its benefit to your body at all.

More than that, in one capsule, there are many kinds of fruits and vegetables blended. It means that the lack of nutrition in one fruit or vegetable can be substituted by the nutrition from other fruits. Sure, since the number of fruits and vegetables here are numerous, it means that you can just complete what your body needs only at one time of consumption. The production process will not also lose or lessen other important substances like the fiber and antioxidant. We cannot ignore the benefit of fiber for sure since it is important to keep our digestive system working well. The disorder in our digestive system can just give us some other problems. The diseases or problems starting from the digestive system can even be spreading to our body if we don’t solve it immediately. Meanwhile, the antioxidant is important also to lose the toxin and free radicals inside the body so that you can avoid some kinds of diseases starting from influenza to the worst one like cancer.

Fruits and vegetable supplements are easy to find and consume. It seems many brands offer it with the number of fruits and vegetables to be extracted that are different from one to another. Make sure you follow the instruction if you need to consume it daily. Besides, encouraging yourself to eat the real fruits and vegetables is also the wise thing to do.

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