Dynamic Fruits and Greens

Getting confused when everyone talks about dynamic fruits and greens? Update your information by reading this whole article. As we know, health problem has become many people’s concerns. As the technology keeps developing, we do not need to eat every single fruit just to take the vitamin needed by our body. Many innovations have come to ease human in receiving nutritious food. One of them is the dynamic fruits and greens that will be explained below.

Get a brief knowledge

This product is sources of probiotics and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. By consuming this product, you will stay healthy because you will gain energy with no fat. You do not need to spend a lot of money to fulfill your health needs anymore. You just need to replace it with this product.

Choose your favorite flavor

This product is not just satisfying our health, but also our go well with our taste buds. Some flavors that you can choose are espresso, strawberry kiwi, natural berry, chocolate, original mint and chocolate peppermint. All those flavors are free from gluten.  You can also fulfill your child’s needs since this product also adjust their needs by producing Dynamic Kids Drink. The taste is undoubtedly delicious since it is made from more than a dozen types of berries combined with more than 50 nutritious ingredients.

How to enjoy

This product does not have troublesome ways to enjoy. Simply mix it with anything. Water or juice is two easy drinks that you can mix with this product. You only need a scoop of this product everyday, then you will gain more than 50 nutrient benefits from all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The other specialty of this product is that it can be consumed even for diabetic people as well. This product doesn’t use any sugar, so it is safe for people who suffer from diabetes. To replace the sugar as the sweetener, this product is used Stevia instead.

How this product is made?

All formulas used in this product are completely fruits and vegetables. First, the fruits and vegetables are frozen until they are fully dried. Secondly, the water substances are removed from the flesh. After that, they are made into a powder. The company even swears that more than 95% of the ingredients used are the certified organic. Besides, the fruits and vegetables used are also contain no genetically modified organism or also known as GMO. All of the ingredients are processed minimally. Therefore, you do not to worry about its quality.

Enjoy the blends available

This product offers two blends that are available for every beloved consumer. The first one is fruit heavy blend. This formula contains higher SuperFruitox properties (blend of organic excellent fruits) with a little amount of SuperVegetox properties (blend of organic excellent vegetables). The flavors available for this formula are strawberry kiwi and berry.

The second formula is a vegetable heavy blend. On the contrary, with the previous formula, this blend contains low SuperFruitox properties (blend of organic excellent fruits) but offer a big amount of SuperVegetox properties (blend of organic excellent vegetables). The flavors to satisfy your preference are chocolate, mint and espresso.

If you are curious about which one is the most potent of all formulas, then mint is the answer. This flavor has a double amount of SuperFruitox properties as well as the SuperFruitox properties which is not found in any other flavor.

Another reason to enjoy this product

Besides all of the goodness explained before, this product still hides many other specialties. It is free from gluten, nut and dairy ingredients. This product only contains non genetically modified organism soy lecithin. It is derived from purified non GMO soy that does not contain any allergens categorized as hypo allergenic. Mint, espresso and chocolate flavors are all using non GMO soy lecithin.  By not forgetting the exception of severe soy allergy, soy oil or soy lecithin are both categorized as allergenic. Even so, the purifying process of this product removes the factor of allergenic from them. If you are someone who suffer anaphylactic or extreme allergy to soy, you better use this product by full concern or even avoided.

Those are all information we can give. Never take your health problem easy. Always fulfill your nutrient needs and start enjoying this dynamic fruits and greens.

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