How to Fertilize an Apple Tree

Do you have a plan to plant an apple tree? If so, you may need to know about how to fertilize an apple tree. Same with other plants, apple tree need fertilizer to grow well and produce delicious apple fruits. But, some people may not know the best tips to fertilize the apple tree. Read this information to finish to know more about how to fertilize an apple tree.

Does An Apple Tree Need Fertilizer?

As mentioned above, apple tree need fertilizer to grow perfectly without experiencing problems. Actually, planting an apple tree is easy as long as you have known the best nutrition for apple trees. Although apple tree is a plant, but it doesn’t mean that apple tree can’t be attacked by problems. Actually, the lack of fertilizer can cause bad effect to the apple tree.

When an apple tree has a lack of fertilizer or nutrition, it may grow imperfectly. Some deficiencies also appear if you don’t give enough fertilizer to your apple tree. Not only that, the condition of the soil also influences your apple tree. So, giving fertilizer is the best step to creating perfect soil and finally all nutrition will be absorbed by the apple tree. It will make an apple tree grows well.

Before fertilizing your apple tree, make sure you have known the best nutrition for apple trees. Actually, there are 4 major nutrition needed by the apple tree, those are potassium, calcium, boron, and nitrogen. You have to give those nutrition in order to make an apple tree grow so well. Not only that, don’t often fertilize your apple tree because nutrition needs time to be absorbed by root of apple trees and transferred to other parts. Some nutrition also given when apple tree has deficiencies. So, try to check the condition of your apple tree before using fertilizer.

When to Fertilize The Apple Tree

Now, you know why an apple tree needs fertilizer. You have also known about the best nutrition needed by apple tree to grow perfectly. Knowing about it is so important, but you have to know about when to fertilize an apple tree. Many people have bought fertilizer for their apple tree, but they may feel so confused about when to fertilize the apple tree.

Actually, perfect time to fertilize the apple tree is after you know the condition of soil where you plant apple trees. As we know that the soil contains various substances and nutrition for apple trees. You can use a soil kit from a nursery supplier to know the condition of soil. Using that kit, you will know the weather your apple tree need fertilizer or not. You will also know the best fertilizer for your apple tree.

How to Fertilize Apple Tree

To fertilize your apple tree, you can consider the nutrition needed by your apple tree. Here are every nutrition on fertilizer needed by an apple tree and how to see it:

  • Potassium

Potassium needed by apple tree to produce fruits. It also improves fruit color and size. The lack of potassium can cause older leaves to turn brown and curl. To use potassium, you can apply 1/5 pound of potassium per 100 square feet each year. If your apple tree has potassium efficiency, you can apply 2/5 or 3/10 pound of potassium per 100 square feet.

  • Calcium

Soil condition can’t be predicted each time. It may be in acid condition—the condition when the soil contains low pH. When it happens, it will cause calcium deficiency and lead to some problems. To make the pH becomes normal and good for apple tree, you have to apply lime for preventing calcium deficiency. Apply 2-5 pounds of lime per square feet to provide calcium needed by the apple tree.

  • Boron

When apple tree has a lack of boron, it will cause some problems. Brown, corky spots inside the apple is the sign of boron deficiency. You can apply boron every three or four years. Just use one-half of boron to give best nutrition for apple trees.

  • Nitrogen

Nitrogen is also nutrition needed by the apple tree. Just apply nitrogen 1/10 pound per inch of tree diameter. You have to use nitrogen when you see nitrogen deficiencies, such as apple leaves turn pale green in midsummer, leaves drop in August or September, and new growth is less than 8 inches per year. Hopefully after knowing all the steps to fertilize apple tree, you will not confuse anymore about how to fertilize an apple tree.

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