How To Fertilize Fruit Trees

Do you have a fruit tree? If so, you have to know about how to fertilize fruit trees. Actually, fertilizer needed by fruit trees because it will give best nutrition for your fruit trees. But, some of you may feel confused to use fertilizer and don’t know the best time to fertilize your fruit trees. Read the information below to know about when to fertilize fruit trees, how to choose a fertilizer for fruit trees and also how to fertilize fruit trees.

When to Fertilize Fruit Trees

Do I need to fertilize fruit trees? This question often asked by fruit tree owner. Actually, fruit tree need fertilizer because they should get nutrition to grow perfectly. But, every fruit tree has the different condition, so it also needs different fertilizer. Some factors that make fruit tree need fertilizer is soil condition, deficiency, and the age of the tree.

Not every person has a good garden that contains good soil to plant fruit trees. There are soils consists of good nutrition for fruit tree, but other soil doesn’t consist it. When it happens, fertilizer will help you providing good soil for your fruit tree. By adding fertilizer, soil where your fruit tree planted will be a good place for a fruit tree.

We may feel so confuse to know what our plant needs. When you experience this condition, you can use a soil kit from a nursery supplier to know what type of nutrition needed by our tree fruit. By using a soil kit, we will know the type of fertilizer needed by our fruit tree.

About time to fertilize, some of you may be doubting to fertilize your fruit because don’t know the perfect time to do it. Actually, the perfect time to fertilize the fruit tree is before bud break. But if you forget that time, you can fertilize your fruit tree until June. The times that should be avoided are late summer or fall because it may be damaged by frost.

Choosing Fertilizer for Fruit Trees

After knowing the best time to fertilize a fruit tree, you need to know the best tips to choose a fertilizer for your fruit. Actually, you can choose a fertilizer that contains high nitrogen level because nitrogen is so useful for fruit trees. Organic fertilizer is also recommended because usually formulated from soybean meal, blood meal, composted chicken manure, feather meal and cottonseed meal. Those ingredients are good for giving better nutrition for a fruit tree.

You can also choose a fertilizer based on the purpose. For example, NPK fertilizer. NPK fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash. If you need fertilizer to grow the healthy trunk on your fruit tree, you need to use fertilizer that contains high nitrogen, such as NPK fertilizer with 3:1:2 scale. But if you need fertilizer to promote the growth of flower and fruit, you need NPK fertilizer that contains high phosphate and potash, such as NPK with 1:4:3 scale.

Fertilize Fruit Trees

Now, let’s we talk about how to fertilize fruit trees and how much fertilizer needed by your fruit trees. Actually, every fruit tree needs different amount of fertilizer. It depends on fruit tree age. Fruit tree needs 0.10 pounds of nitrogen per year. So, remember the age of your fruit tree to know the right amount of fertilizer needed by your fruit tree.

About how to fertilize your fruit trees, you can sprinkle fertilizer around the root of fruit tree, and then cover it with soil. You can also dig the soil first, and apply fertilizer near to the root. After that, cover it with soil. The fertilizer may need long time to give effect to your fruit tree. So, be patient when applying it. If you give fertilizer routinely, your fruit tree will grow so well and can produce delicious fruits.

Well, those are some information for you about how to fertilize fruit trees. You can use some information above as your reference whenever you need information about how to fertilize fruit trees. After reading some information above, we can conclude that fertilizing fruit tree should be at the right time, with the right amount and with the right fertilizer. Consider all the things well before fertilizing your fruit tree. Hopefully, the information about how to fertilize fruit trees above will be useful for you.

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