How To Keep Banana From Ripening

You love bananas and always like to have them around, but they ripen so fast and mostly have spoiled before you may enjoy them. What you might not know is it’s actually possible to delay your bananas from getting ripe for as long as 1 week if you understand exactly what to do.

You see, normally, fruits are chosen in the tree and if they are mature, they are stored to find ripe. When bananas become detached from their parent or damaged in some way, it starts ethylene production and ripening begins. Below are tips on how you can achieve this:

Avoid buying ripe bananas

Because ripen at a very quick speed, it is wise you get those ones who are greener towards the stems and more yellow (although not too yellow) onto the finger.
Avoid getting the ones with bruises because the lumps will only help quicken ethylene generation which will cause the bananas to ripen faster. Additionally, make sure you handle your bananas with care, even if you purchase them without bruises.

Avoid refrigerating bananas

I am sure a lot of us are guilty of this one. It’s not a good idea to refrigerate bananas which are in the country mentioned above. This is because when you set the banana at the chilly temperature of the fridge, it is going to cause the cell walls of the banana to crack down prematurely.
The premature breakdown causes the production of melanin. Nevertheless, the interior flesh of the banana will nonetheless stay unripe because the cold would have averted ethylene production, and therefore ripening.
Permit these bananas ripen under room temperature, then store in the fridge.

Your bananas should be kept away from other fruits

It is ideal to set your banana from other fruits to prevent them from ripening. This is because sending them with other fruits and vegetable is only going to help create ethylene which if you remember, causes ripening.
Maintain the banana room temperature. Do not ever abandon your carrots in a tote. If they are already completely ripe and you would like to prevent rust, you can keep them in the refrigerator.

Wrap the Stem of your bananas with a Plastic Wrap, nylon or foil

If you’ve got unripe bananas and you do not want them quickly, get nylon and tie around the stem of the banana bunch to prevent passage of oxygen. This may slow down the ripening procedure.
You could also divide the fingers, but be careful not to cause bruises to the banana. Separating them is better than linking them together as a bunch. When you’ve done that, tie nylon around their stem.

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