How to Make the Unique Fruit Basket

As we have known that people give or display fruit baskets for any moments such as weeding, engagement, Christmas, Eid Mubarak or even visit illness people. It is because fruits have many good ingredients and benefits for our bodies. The colors and the shapes of the fruits can beautify the basket. This article will give you tips how to make fruit basket. Making your own fruit baskets is not simple but you can save your money instead of spending it to buy the fruit basket. You can also arrange and decor the fruit basket as you want. You can do the following steps to make it.

For the first step, you have to get ready the fresh fruits. You can prepare bananas, apples, oranges, pears, grapes or other fruits you want to arrange into the basket. The second step, you also have to prepare the baskets. You can adjust the size of the fruit baskets with the numbers of the fruits. The third step, it’s the time for your creativity to arrange the fruits in the basket. You can use a toothpick to unite the fruits. So that the fruits will not fall down from the place you have arranged. After that, you can wrap with the clear plastic.

If you want the unique fruit basket, you can make the basket from the real fruit such as melon, watermelon, papaya and other fruits that have big size. This article will guide you to make the fruit basket from melon by doing the following steps. First, you can choose melon that has strong, hard and sturdy rind. Make sure that there is no bruised or the soft part of the melon you have chosen. For the second step, you can cut the small part from the base of the melon. You have to use the sharp knife to do it. You can start cutting the melon tip so that the melon will be still in the same position. It is your choice to make the melon stand in vertical or horizontal. The anti-rust knife is the best knife to do this part. The third step is drawing the pattern. You can use permanent marker to draw the pattern on the melon such as the head or the wings of geese. The fourth step, you can insert the knife to wherever part of melon that you have marked. You can cut it following the pattern or you can drive the knife to the back and forward like using the saw. It depends on the strength of the melon rind and the sharpness of the knife. Make sure that you penetrate the rind of the melon to the flesh of the melon.

For the fifth step, you can throw the rest of melon rind. After cutting and following the pattern, the rest of rind which do not stick can be thrown away. You can make the additional cuts such as round or oval shapes on the top of melon to make it like a bowl or basket. Carefully pull the rind and flesh of the melon you have been cut. If you find difficulties in doing it, you can shake or request to release it. About the sixth step, you can empty the body or the flesh of the melon. Use the scraper spoon to get off all the flash of melon until it’s just the strong rind of melon. You can leave the thin flash if you want the color. The seventh step is, fill the basket or bowl of melon. Usually, people will fill it with fruit salad. You can also fill the melon bowl with other desert like trifle. If you fill it with fruit salad, you can drain the water of salad before you serve it. The last step, you can carve the cover of the melon bowl. If you make the cover for the rind melon you have been cut, you can draw the pattern on the cover, you can make it abstract. Actually, you can do this step or just stop on the seventh step if you find any difficulty to use the cover. Those are the steps to make the fruit basket. Things you should remember is make sure you have honed your knife so that you can make the fruit basket easily. Be careful if you practice it with your children. Use the simple pattern for your children to avoid the danger.

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